Pulse Uncapper

mmelle machines pulse uncapper is revolutionary uncapping machine with groundbreaking proprietary technology. We have truly redesigned this machined from the ground up.

Pulse Uncapper is faster (15-18 Frames/minute), more effective and reliable than any other uncapper on the market. This machine will not let you down on the most important moment on your honey season.

The cutting blades on Pulse Uncapper have very advanced technology in them, allowing faster speed without compromising quality on uncapping honey frames.

We have groundbreaking technology on the blade design in Pulse Uncapper. Pulse uncapper has two sets of blades, The main cutting blade slices the wax cappings with blazing fast reciprocating motion. We call the secondary set of blades the honey reticulator. Honey Reticulator is set of heated, vibrating and rolling blades that pierce the honey cell and causes the honey to flow more freely, therefore cutting down the extracting cycle time. Honey reticulator is also very helpful tool for sticky and gel-like (thixotropic) honey types.

Pulse uncapper has lot of configurable features. You can control the vibration, speed and heating of the blades and of course the speed of the feed.


Upgradable Features

Pulse Uncapper has multiple upgradable features and let's you choose the ones you need.

You can have it with 6 frame slide feed instead with 12 frame chain feed. Or you can have it without vibrating reticulator or without reticulator at all.

Pulse uncapper is the only uncapping machine in the market that grows with your operation and has just the features you need.


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