PP - 1500 Honey & Wax Press

mmelle machines PowerPress honey & wax press is designed to be easy to use, easy to clean yet powerful enough to produce excellent results. Unique design of the screw housing reduces the cleanup time to fractions compared to other honey & wax presses on the market.

PP-1500 is our middle size honey & wax press and is capable of handling 1500 lbs of honey wax mixture in an hour.

PP - 1500 honey & Wax Press can be a standalone unit or placed under an uncapping machine, such as our Pulse Uncapper. PP - 1500 Honey & Wax Press will fit into most commercial honey extracting lines.

PowerPress Model Estimated Capacity Recommended use
PP-2500 ~ 2500 lbs/hour 124F extraction line and up.
Heavy duty crush & strain operation
PP-1500 ~ 1500 lbs/hour 92F and 124F extraction lines.
Large crush & strain operation.
PP-900 ~ 900 lbs/hour 64F and 92F extration lines.
Medium crush & strain operation.
PP-500 ~ 500 lbs/hour 64F extration line and uncapping lines.
Small crush & strain operation.

Beating the Competition

Our unique screen design is very fast and easy to dismantle and clean. The process of taking the screen apart, cleaning it and putting it back together takes only few minutes. That is fraction of the time it takes to clean any other honey & wax press on the market.
PowerPress PP-1500 saves you time and money every day you operate it.

Dimensions & Orientation

Powerpress PP-2500 and PP-1500 come either left or right orientation. You can choose on which side the VFD controllers are so that your new wax press matches your existing setup.

Lenght Width Height
51.50" / 1308mm 20.35" / 517mm
(24.60" / 625mm)
28.50" / 724mm

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