FLOW Honey Pumps

All mmellepumps are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. All pump surfaces are accessible and easy to clean. All our pumps incorporate compact and versatile design

impeller vanes are made out of flexible polymer and they bend as they force the liquid through. This allows delicate fluids to be handled, especially honey, which is prone to emulsify. Flexible impeller pumps are called "self-priming" which means that they always form a vacuum by themselves. These pumps are renowned for their dry self-priming capability, making them ideal for applications where good suction lift capacity is needed.

Flexible impeller pumps are widely used in transferring, filling & emptying applications, but when used in conjunction with speed adjustment function they are also a very reliable utility pump solution.

Pump Model Pump Head Capacity
FLOW-4500 4,5" / 114,3mm ~55GPM
FLOW-4000 4,0" / 101,6mm ~48GPM
FLOW-3500 3,5" / 88,9mm ~43GPM
FLOW-3000 3,0" / 76,2mm ~38GPM
FLOW-3000C 3,0" / 76,2mm ~33GPM
FLOW-2500 2,5" / 63,5mm ~30GPM

Variable Speed Drive

All FLOW Honey Pumps are fitted with variable speed drive for controlling the speed of the pump. Pumps come with 2" sanitary outlet fitting with quick clamps.


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