Complete Honey Extraction Solution

We at mmelle machines have designed a suitable solution for beekeepers of every size.

We have a range of different sizes of honey extracting lines and we are sure that no matter what size of operation you run, we can provide you with an honey extracting line to suit your needs perfectly.

On the table below we have outlined the particular sizes of honey extracting lines based on length & capacity. Click the corresponding honey extracting line link to find out the details on that particular line.

Extracting Line Length variation Capacity
64F extraction line 5095mm/16,7ft to 6795mm / 22,3ft 300-480 Frames/hour
92F extraction line 5375mm/17,6ft to 8255mm / 27ft 460-690 Frames/hour
124F extraction line 6770mm/22,2ft to 11700mm / 38,4ft 620-930 Frames/hour
184F extraction line 10050mm/33ft to 16650mm / 54,6ft 920-1380 Frames/hour (Coming Soon)
248F extraction line 11700mm / 38,4ft 1240-1860 Frames/hour (Coming Soon)
368F extraction line 16650mm / 54,6ft 1840-2760 Frames/hour (Coming Soon)

Gamechanging Technology

We are very proud of our innovative Pulse Uncapper which is worlds most advanced uncapping machine using revolutionary technology. Our proprietary technology allows Pulse Uncapper to operate much faster than other uncappers on the market therefore boosting your productivity.

Pulse Uncapper is the product of rigorous tests and protypes. Our honey extracting lines are measured based on the output of the pulse uncapper so you don't pay for useless capacity.

Pulse Uncapper has unique technology on the cutting blades. It actually has two sets of heated and vibrating cutting blades making it by far the most advanced uncapper on the market.


Honey & Wax Separation

PowerPress honey & wax press series is our answer for effective honey & wax separation. Balanced and powerful nylon screw will squeeze honey out of wax cappings and you are left with almost dry wax for further cleaning.

PowerPress comes in 4 sizes as of this writing. PP - 2500 is the largest model and is suitable for the larger extracting lines or situations where extracting is on schedule and wax needs to be separated quickly.
PP - 1500 is the next size up and suitable for mid to large sizes of extracting lines.
PP - 900 and PP - 500 are the two smaller ones being suitable for smaller extracting lines.

PowerPress honey & wax press can be used also as a standalone unit for example if top bar hives are used or in locations where wild honeycombs are being collected. Powerpress can also be installed under an existing extracting line and they will fit into most manufacturers lines.

Honey Pumps & Filtration

We have a wide range of pumps and filtration option for you to choose from

Our FLOW pumps series provides suitable honey pump for most of your needs and innovative honey filtration tank is perfect for quickly prefiltering your honey before barrelling or further filtering and bottling your honey.

We also have a self cleaning filter design coming for the 2018 north american season.

Mobile Extraction

We are very exited to be working with true pioneers of mobile extraction systems,
International Honey Products

mmelle machines exclusively manufactures honey extracting lines for their mobile extraction trailer which is a gamechanger for honey production industry.

Find out more about this revolutionary way of extracting honey from their website at

Handling Frames & Supers

The faster you handle your frames and honey supers, the more effective your process is. We can supply you with a range of options from a DeBoxer to all kinds of conveyor systems for full and empty honey supers.

DeBoxer is used to lift honey frames out of the honey super and deliver them to the Uncapper. This machine will speed your process up and takes the burden of lifting honey frames by hand away from the operator.

Designed for Professional Beekeepers

If you are just started with few hives or own a huge operation with thousands of beehives we have a Honey Extracting Line solution for you.

Contact Us, and let's talk your situation trough. We are happy to help you with any needs you may have.

All equipment made by mmelle machines are fabricated by our skilled Canadian workforce with quality North American sourced stainless steel.


Small Beekeeper


Large Beekeeper