Highest Quality, Reliable and Affordable

That is mmelle machines
in a nutshell

We design and manufacture honey processing machinery of the highest quality. We have solid experience in designing and manufacturing honey processing equipment for beekeepers of every size.

We have a wide range of honey processing equipment and more is designed right this moment. We are committed to fulfill all your needs when it comes to honey processing equipment. All of our equipment is proudly made in North America.

Our porfolio of machines includes full Honey Extracting Lines ranging from 44F to 368F, 3 sizes of Honey & wax presses which is the PowerPress series and Frame Jack UnBoxer to help boost your efficiency.

We are very proud of our innovative Sonic Uncapper which is worlds most advanced uncapping machine using ultrasonic technology. Stride Loader loading arm pushes full honey frames to Honey Hurricane horizontal extractor which is truly modular in it's design and grows with you when you expand your operation.

We also have wide range of roller tracks, chain tracks and conveyor solutions for loading & unloading honey frames as well as conveying empty and full honey supers around your facility. Our honey filtration tank will prefilter your honey coming from extractor or PowerPress. We do all this with a very reasonable price, flexible schedule and with a smile on our face.

All of our equipment is made from 304 stainless steel and manufactured with highest standards and tight tolerances. All of our equipment are manufactured in North America, all the designing is done in North America. We will supply and support customer across the globe but primarily design our equipment to work on langstroth standard frames.

We will manufacture our equipment to work on other standards as well and can also custom design your facility from start to finish. We are committed to help you make your process as efficient and profitable as possible.

Contact us today and get your honey production operation to a new level.